Alpha Marathon offers IBC options with all die’s 6” and larger, IBC systems are designed to increase cooling efficiency and as a result production increases of up to 25%.
IBC systems can be installed in new mono and co-extrusion die’s and retrofit to existing die’s which have preciously been drilled to accept IBC.
Dependant on the size of the die Alpha Marathon will design the system properly to allow for the proper exchange of hot and cool air.
A series of pancakes provide an adjustable gap which can be fine tuned.
Alpha utilizes a non contact ultrasonic IBC control system which provides continuous monitoring of the bubble maintaining precise lay flat control.
IBC control system allows for an automatic or manual process control and each system can be adapted for remote troubleshooting from our facility.

Package Include
  • Drilling of die for IBC
  • IBC feed and exhaust ducting for the die
  • Supply pancakes with adjustment, including exhaust stack
  • Supply and exhaust blowers
  • IBC non contact ultrasonic sensor control system
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