Alpha Marathon single screw extruders are built to offer years of uninterrupted performance incorporating quality proven components and a robust design.
Extruders range in size from ¾" up to 8" screw diameter and come in a range of L/D (length/diameter) ratio’s dependant on your process.

Features and benefits:
  • Heavy duty base construction
  • Custom L/D ratios
  • Bi-metallic barrels with centrifugally cast liner for maximum wear resistance
  • High capacity helical gear reducers
  • Custom designed high performance screws
  • Individual heat/cool barrel zones
  • Water or air cooled zones
  • Resin hopper with low level sight glass, flow gate and dump port
  • Smooth or groove feed sections
  • Custom centreline heights
  • AC motor and drive
Plastic Processing Screws

In order to maximise the performance of the extruder it is imperative to pay attention to the design of the screw and design according to its intended function.
For each resin, screw parameters such as: grooved or smooth feed, screw pitch, compression ratio, flight depth, screw diameter and length, single flight or barrier, through put etc. are adjusted to suit the screw to the material.
Alpha Marathon engineers consider all parameters when custom designing extruders in order to maximise our customers investment.

Screw and Barrel Reconditioning

Due to the nature of an extruder, surfaces of the screw and barrel gradually wear. Screw and barrel reconditioning is one of the most cost-effective methods to restore the equipment to achieve its original performance.
Alpha Marathon’s engineers can assess the condition of the screw and barrel to determine the most cost effective option for screw and barrel reconditioning.


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