For the production of high quality high performance films, Alpha Marathon dies are the solution.
Alpha Marathon die designs offer a clear advantage in design and performance integrating our patented Flow Mixing Channel design.
Alpha Marathon offers both a cylindrical bottom fed die design for up to 5-layer co-extrusion applications and a Stackable Pancake design for up to 11 layers (unique design actually doubles layers extruded)

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Flow Mixing Channel port to spiral design
  • Computer simulated design
  • No areas for polymer hang ups
  • Low residence time
  • Low gauge distribution (as low as ± 5%)
  • Low pressure design 4000 – 5000 psi
  • Streamlined melt flow passages from extruder adaptor to exit of the die
  • High quality ceramic heater bands and thermocouples for temperature control
  • Highly polished melt flow passage
Alpha Dual Spiral System (ADSS) & Multi-Layered Films

The Alpha Dual Spiral System (ADSS) stackable die provides unparalleled film quality due to it’s unique doubling of each layer.
ADSS die’s are particularly effective in high barrier film packaging applications for food or medical films where more expensive resins may be used to achieve proper film characteristics.
By combining two layers per module the film produced per layer will yield greater characteristics.
Temperature isolation provided per module allows for a  wider range of  resin and film structures where temperature sensitive resins may be used.  
Multi-layered films formed with an ADSS die can achieve the properties required for the most demanding applications.

Flow Mixing Channel

Alpha Marathon’s Flow Mixing Channel is incorporated into every die package Alpha Marathon currently produces.
The Flow Mixing Channel provides a highly efficient port to spiral distribution design allowing no areas for hang up and a highly streamlined design for optimal performance.
Delivers a more homogenous melt profile for improved film properties
Color and resin changeovers are typically achieved much more quickly as a result of the efficiency of the flow mixing channel design.

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