Alpha Marathon's control system ensures safe operation while maximizing production time.

Large LCD touch screen controls allow operators to monitor the status of the line and make adjustments as necessary. The system status and diagnostic data can also be accessed remotely via the internet.

This information can also be saved to a file and assessed by Alpha Marathon’s engineers to provide added support.  

Gauge Control

One of the more specific facets of the control system is the gauge control. When the quality of the film is greatly dependent on the gauge (or thickness uniformity), Alpha Marathon gauge control system is developed to respond promptly and accurately.

Advancements in control system design have allowed Alpha Marathon’s engineers to develop the Abacus Automatic Air Ring and our proprietary Alpha Touch Software. These two components are part of the gauge control system which works together, limiting film thickness variation and help to maintain a stable system.

The collection of sensors and actuators combined with automatic control are designed to improve gauge control.

Features & Benefits

  • Alpha Marathon’s control systems promote safety and production time, reacting promptly and accurately
  • Large LCD touch screen allow operators to quickly make adjustments
  • System status and diagnostic data can be accessed via the internet and saved for assessment for customer support
  • Automated system incorporating various sensors, actuators and equipment

The diverse applications in which films can be used demand that after forming, the film post-processing must be performed. This includes:  perforating, slitting, printing and hole punching.

Alpha Marathon can incorporate these or other processes for in-line processing.

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