Alpha Marathon bubble cages provide sturdy encapsulation of the bubble minimizing web wandering at the nip. Dependant on your application Alpha Marathon offers a wide variety of contact surfaces, each designed to minimise film drag.
Contact arms are offered in a variety of surfaces dependant on the film thickness range and film properties, accommodates high slip to tacky surfaces, medical and food packaging applications.
Bubble cages are offered with numerous options tailored to fit your process.

Main Features:
  • Multiple contact surfaces designed to offer low drag on film include – PTFE rollers, carbon rollers, brush rollers, rubber rollers, etc
  • Designed to accept both IBC and non IBC applications
  • Provides minimal surface drag on film providing a low co-efficient of friction
  • Stabilizer arms can be adjusted manually or motorized
  • Motorized vertical adjustment of cage
  • Designed to your application
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