Through stable growth and total dedication to research and development, Alpha Marathon has gathered the industry’s best team of specialists. Our technical experts partner with our customers in finding the best production solution to achieve the competitive edge. Our polymer experts can provide advice on the optimal film structure and the latest trends in the processing industry.

Over the last 35 years, Alpha Marathon has designed, manufactured and installed blown film and extrusion lines in over 30 countries. For each customer, whether a large corporation or a small company, Alpha Marathon delivers a solution that allows the achievement of their production goals. Every day, Alpha’s dedicated staff put a lot of effort into cutting cost of production in order to deliver affordable solutions to our customers.

 Exclusive technology
Alpha Marathon holds numerous patents in the blown film and extrusion field. In 1996 the company acquired its first patent for development of a key component of extrusion equipment - Multi Layer Blown Film Extrusion Die. Since when the company’s R&D staff worked continuously on improvement of die technology. One of Alpha Marathon’s recent exclusive innovations - modular disk nanolayer blown film die - brings the extrusion process to a new, more advanced level of technology. It allows the production of film with improved properties - stronger, clearer, with enhanced barrier characteristics and orientation.

 Exceptional quality
Alpha Marathon’s strong commitment to quality control helps our customers gain competitive advantage over others. The fact that every machine is tested on our premises before delivery significantly reduces the risk of a delayed start up at the customer's site.
With a guaranteed dispatch of replacement parts and 24/7 technical support, we ensure minimum production downtime.

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