alpha marathon booth at chinaplas 2019


Alpha Marathon at Chinaplas 2019
阿尔法马拉松在2019 中国塑胶展

Twenty years in a row, Alpha Marathon keeps our active exposure at Chinaplas.
阿尔法马拉松薄膜挤出技术公司20 年来一如既往地在Chinaplas 积极展示。

At Chinaplas2019 held May 21 till 24, Alpha Marathon exhibited our theme product technologies including newly patented Alpha Dual Module Die with Layer Sequence Repeater (ADM-LSD) and patent pending Glacier Flex III (Flex III).
在今年5 月21 日至24 日的展会期间,阿尔法马拉松展示的主题产品技术含我们 的新专利阿尔法双模块带层序复制的模头技术(简称ADM-LSD)与已有专利申请 的水冷下吹膜线适用的尺寸可调的定径单元(简称FLEX III).

The former (ADM-LSD) is truly one of the best and newest die technologies available in the current market, which can help film extruders achieve better flexibility, convenience, efficiency, productivity and film property in production. Better still, it has wide adaptability as being applicable for die lip size from 100 mm to 1000mm and monolayer die to co-ex die up to 100 layers.
阿尔法ADM-LSD 专利模头技术完全是目前业内最好最新的模头技术之一,能帮助 薄膜生产商获得生产的更佳灵活性,便捷性,高效性,生产率与膜性能。而且该模 头技术适用广泛,可涵盖100 毫米至1000 毫米的模唇尺寸,无论是单层模头还是 多达100 层的共挤模头。

The latter (Flex III) is a size adjustable calibrating ring applied in water quenched downward blown film system. Using this innovative and reliable design, our end users can have the advantage to make qualified film in different widths in the same water quenched line, but getting rid of the traditional inconvenience of exchanging water ring. The adjustment of Flex III is as easy as that in an air cooled upward blown film system, though the mechanism is not exactly the same.
阿尔法FLEX III 尺寸可调的下吹线定径单元专利技术,创新可靠且富含实用性,使 得我们的用户实现在同一水冷下吹线中能生产不同宽度的膜产品,但抛弃传统的不 便利,即不得不更换定径单元。该FLEX III 单元的操作相当方便,类似于上吹线 中的变径单元,尽管在结构上不完全相同。

Alpha Marathon’s custom made Flex III can help cover almost all applications of a downward line to let end users do many different film widths pending on proper blow up ratio and initial die lip size. For example, for the most often used die size 180 mm in water quenched downward line for FFS, Flex III can give end users the convenience to do different film bubble sizes from 340 to 1120 mm of layflat. This can give our end users the benefits to make FFS film with the best result in film property, productivity and convenience to deal with changeable market needs.
阿尔法为客户专门设计制造的FLEX III 能广泛适用于下吹线的各类生产尺寸需求,主要考量适用吹胀比与起始模头尺寸。比如,对于FFS 膜生产常用的拥有180 毫 米模头的水冷下吹线,其FLEX III 的可调定径单元一般能适用340 至1120 的折径 变化,赋予我们的用户能获得生产最佳FFS 膜的优势,包括膜特性,生产率与简 便性,且能灵活应对市场需求变化。

Other than the above, Alpha Marathon’s outstanding product lines, including water quenched blown film system for medical and FFS packaging, multi layer co-ex blown film system with simplicity but offering qualified film gauging and output achievement, cost effective geo/agriculture blown film system and versatile lab use film extrusion machines (both for blown film and cast film), not forgetting to mention our bubble composite cast extrusion system, are also promoted at the
此外,阿尔法马拉松其他耳熟能详的生产线技术,包括用于医用输液包装与FFS 袋膜生产的水冷下吹系统,简捷配置然能保证膜产质量市场要求的多层共挤吹膜系 统,价格性能比优势的农/土工吹膜挤出系统,多用途实验室用吹膜与流延膜机,再有气泡膜为基材的各类流延复合膜材挤出系统,也受欢迎地在本次展会介绍。

Alpha Marathon booth has distinctly become visible at the show thanks to our unique cutting edge technologies of products, but not dazzling lighting, colorful deco or even noise. Just like emphasizing the simplicity of Alpha Marathon extrusion lines, we always straightly rely on our key Technologies First, but not extra bells and whistles to meet the customer project specs.
阿尔法马拉松的展台,尽管不拥有耀眼的光线,斑斓的色彩亦或抓狂的噪音,但凭 借其展示的独特先进技术使得其在展区依然突颖而出,这就像我们一如寄往所强调 的:薄膜挤出生产关键技术第一,但绝不是借助花哨非直接关联的单元!

We’d love to continue to work for end users, either on new projects or retrofitting ones for existing lines because we have rich experience, advanced technology and certainly right attitude.
我们热诚与广大客户一起合作,无论是你们的全新技术项目,还是现有设备的改造 升级,因为我们拥有丰富的经验,先进的技术与端正的态度。

Thank you all and see you again soon.

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