This is the 18th year in a row - that Alpha Marathon has exhibited at this show, which took place on Apr 24 to Apr 27 - in the Canadian pavilion.
连续 18 年,加拿大阿尔法马拉松薄膜挤出技术公司在今年 4 月 24 日至 27 日又一 次展示于该展会的加拿大馆区。

Our theme at this show centered on our value for money technology and expertise specialized in functional plastic packaging, smart film production and helping our customers create more environment-friendly plastic flexible packaging products.
阿尔法马拉松公司在本次展会的主题是向客户与访客展示我们真正物有所值的专注 于功能性塑料包装,智能化薄膜挤出和更加注重环保的塑料柔性包装产品的生产技 术和经验。

Alpha Chinaplas 2018 stand

As a long time industry leader in film extrusion technology and equipment, Alpha featured many of our cutting edge designs. They include our patented Layer Sequence ADSS Die as well as our Water Quenching Glacier Flex III. These new technologies can provide our customers with the means to produce more film and achieve better film properties at a lower cost.
当然,作为一个长期的薄膜挤出技术和设备业内的技术领先者,阿尔法马拉松公司 也介绍推广了可让客户能够获得更好质量,更高产效但同时降低生产成本的薄膜挤 出生产的设计和装备。比如:我们专利的层数可变加倍的双螺旋线叠加模头系统和 可变径的下吹水冷水环系统。

This year’s show attracted approximately 4,000 exhibitors and occupied 340,000 SQM of show space in the world's 2nd largest economy.  For Alpha Marathon, this was another exciting and very successful show, as it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our leading position and highlight our cutting edge film extrusion technologies and equipment.
参加这个举办于当今世界第二大经济体,且拥有近 4000 展商和约 340,000 平方 米展位的专业展会,阿尔法马拉松公司当然感受到这又是一个成功的展会,再一次 有机会向业内展示了我们在薄膜挤出技术与设备方面的领先地位。

Alpha Marathon, technologies first!

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