Alpha marathon at Chinaplas 2016

News Release about Alpha Marathon at Chinaplas 2016.


It has been the 18th consecutive year Alpha Marathon participated in this one of the most important shows in plastic processing industry.


The show held in Shanghai this year covered an area estimated at 250,000 square meters, with the total exhibitors of 3,400. 


During the show, Alpha Marathon has promoted its latest new designs and technologies, for instance, the Glacier Flex III, a very practical unit offering the flexibility to allow the end users of water quenched downward blown film lines to do different layflat widths without the need to exchange the water quenching units, and the nano-layer die technology as well, helping end user to make film with more layers and better features but less and cheaper polymer consumption, better still even with easier forming in extrusion processing.

展会期间,阿尔法展示了最新的技术,包括适用于水冷下吹线的Glacier Flex III技术,使得水冷下吹线的用户能方便地在同一线中生产不同折径的薄膜,但免去不得不更换不同尺寸水冷环的繁琐环节;还有纳米层模头技术,使得用户能生产出更多层数和更好特性的薄膜,然而使用更少和更廉价的原料消耗,并且使得挤出成形更容易控制掌握。

Certainly Alpha Marathon’s well-known technology and expertise for turn key project solutions and complete extrusion lines both at production and lab scales are well presented at the show.


We have been satisfied with meeting our previous and repeating clients as well as finding new projects to work on, typically quite some on which we may use our die technologies to retrofit those customers’ existing lines supplied by some other peers, many thanks to our long time reputation as one of the best die technology providers worldwide.


Look forward to meeting you and hearing from you again.



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