Beside Cast line application, Alpha Marathon is also specialized in manufacturing Rigid, Semi rigid and Cross-linked Sheet lines for different packaging application.

Alpha Marathon offers sheet lines to produce, PET, PP, HDPE, ABS and PVC for Rigid and Semi Rigid applications and PVC, EVA, PE, PVB and TPU for Cross-linked applications.

Dimple sheeting has many uses in the construction the industry particularly as a moisture barrier for foundations, the dimpling of the sheet provides an air void allowing for moisture to drain away.

As well dependant on the resins used dimple sheeting can be produced with a high compression rating.

Polypropylene waffle board is used in both commercial and residential applications.

Alpha Durable production lines are capable of producing a multitude of end products dependant on the forming mold design, whether for rigid or flexible applications.

Alpha’s direct extrusion design delivers resin to end product in a one step process designed to provide optimal efficiency and minimize cost.

Our vacuum forming molds can be custom designed and are easily interchangeable allowing many new market applications to be accessed.

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