One of the most important components of an extrusion coating, laminating and surface treating lines is the unwind/rewind systems.

The 2 spindles turret unwind and rewind sections are designed to achieve in line splices at the line speed without interruption, the unwind section is equipped with splice tape detection sensors, bump roll assembly and flying knife mechanism, while the rewind section is constructed with flying knife and driven lay on roll capable of running in both gap and pressure controlled contact modes.

The unwind section turret position can be easily adjusted to perform manual splices due to post process defects in the rolls.

Using state of the art digital PLC, closed loop AC vector drives and load cells, Alpha guarantees accurate tension control during continuous running and changeovers.

For easy operator interaction, the system is equipped with 2 soft touch screens, to access all the parameters necessary to ensure smooth production.

Many options are available with these systems including, but not limited to, oscillating web guides, S-wrap stations, chilled and reheat rolls.

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