The food packaging market is one of the largest and most demanding users of flexible plastic packaging.

The end products are for the most part consumer items and require attractive package designs and color graphics. At the same time foods must be protected from moisture, air, and other contaminants during transport and storage prior sale and consumption. Alpha Marathon has extensive experience in this demanding segment and offers a range of machinery to meet its needs: 

  • CPP film (Cast Film technology)
  • BoPP film (Double Bubble technology)
  • Barrier film (Cast / blown multilayer technology)
  • PVC cling film (Cast technology)

For producing;

  • Coffee pouches and individual coffee portion
  • Butter wraps
  • Dried fruit pouches
  • Nut pouches
  • Good package shrink wrap
  • Meat and poultry packaging
  • Cheese packaging
  • Cereal liner
  • Liddings  stock film
  • Aseptic packaging
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