AlphaRigid is a unique rigid plastic sheet product based on Alpha Marathon's expertise in integrated multi-layer bubble-wrap extrusion lines. 

AlphaRigid utilizes a dimpled bubble-type core sheet bonded to two smooth or textured skins to create a laminated polypropylene board with strength in all axis – unlike many current extruded sheets that lack rigidity in the transverse axis. 

The fully automatic co-extrusion cast line includes the laminating station, corona treater and printer. 

The PP rigid sheet can be extruded in a variety of thicknesses and weights, for a wide range of applications: 

  • weight of 250-3000 gsm; 
  • thickness of 2-9 mm; 
  • bubble diameters of 4, 8 and 12 mm

AlphaRigid board has excellent mechanical properties in both the machine direction and the transverse direction. It has found its place in many sheet applications, replacing current wood fiber and composite sheet products, including: 

  • Automotive Interior Components 
  • Automotive Parts Reusable Packaging / Bins  
  • Fresh Produce Bulk Containers 
  • Technical Packaging 
  • Graphics, Advertising, and Signage
  • Building and Construction Products & Packaging  
  • Furniture Industries 
  • Multi Purpose Panels  


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