The water quenched blown film system is the only process that offers the benefits of excellent clarity and gloss, puncture resistance, and improved thermoformability and sealibility, while maintaining balanced crystalline orientation and process flexibility.

ALPHA GLACIERTM is a downward blown film extrusion system producing up to 200 layers of symmetrical and asymmetrical film with high mechanical strength, transparency, and barrier performance, which uses chilled water to rapidly quench the polymer.

Quenching bubble with water enhances film properties, making it suitable for a large spectrum of high barrier products from packaging to medical applications. This process is expected to eliminate the need of PVC on medical applications and replace it with PP.

To increase the versatility of our lines, Alpha Marathon introduced GLACIER - FLEX III, a stationary bubble calibration system in a form of a water cage designed to automatically adjust the bubble diameter in a range of 3:1.

GLACIER - FLEX III was developed specifically to increase the flexibility of our customers’ line of products when using ALPHA GLACIERTM.

By a push of a button the cage moving arms and its attached low friction contact rollers automatically open and close to accommodate the bubble diameter of choice. A uniform water flow is produced around the bubble by a system of wet wraps and misting nozzles.

The pressure regulator system insures the bubble is continuously hugged by water at constant flow and pressure. All components are stainless steel, and the cage cover offers water insulation for electrical components. Terminal box is customized to customer specifications.

If you’re interested to learn how Alpha Marathon GLACIER - FLEX III can improve your products and cost structure, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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