Empaq 2016

ALPHA MARATHON participated to the most important business center for the plastic industry in Central America, EMPAQ 2016 from 21.04.2016 to 22.04.2016, in El Salvador.

During EMPAQ our engineer gave a presentation about “Technical and commercial advantages of coextrusion”.

The coextrusion has many advantages, some of them are: help to achieve lower cost structure (more production with less resins), film with better mechanics and optical properties and thinner.  

The monolayer film cannot compete with the coextruded film!!!

Also talked about Nanolayer Technology. A Nanolayer may well be defined as: “The thickness where unique physical characteristics to the polymeric film occurs imparting special properties not observed in that polymeric film as a thicker structure”. This is the next generation of traditionally co-extruded film structures of 5, 7 and 9 layers to films with up to 200 discrete NANO – layers to extrude a variety of plastic film.

That’s confirmed the position of Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc. as one the leading experts in plastic film and extrusion solutions globally.

Alpha Marathon is very pleased with the overall experience during the exhibition. It was a good opportunity to establish, develop and renew our business contacts in the plastics industry. We appreciate all of you that visited us at our booth.

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