The Power of Numbers and the netting Layers of Polymers: NANO TECHNOLOGY

Alpha Marathon has participated in Chinaplas 2014 held this April for the 14th consecutive years since 2000.

chinaplas 2014

At this show, which is thought as the largest one in Asia and the 2nd biggest one in the world, Alpha Marathon has promoted our cutting-edge technology for film extrusion application, Nano-layer die technology.

And this new era die technology can be widely applied in food, medical and industrial packaging applications.

Being applied together with Alpha Marathon Glacier water quenching blown film system, Alpha Marathon can help our customers improve film extrusion productivity, increase energy efficiency in film output in the meaning of KG/KW-H, have more potentials to use lower cost and easier processing polymers and better still achieve better film properties.

With such practical technology combinations, also together with our long time film extrusion expertise, typically for turnkey extrusion system engineering and supply, this is no doubt that Alpha Marathon has achieved another around of success at the trade show.

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