A Walker County woman said she wants someone to round up the abandoned chickens that have been running loose in her neighborhood for months.

Trudy Blake said about a year ago some neighbors moved out of their home and took everything but their chickens. Now, those chickens are running around her yard and the neighborhood freely.

Blake believes that chickens are a great investment for people who want to use them for poultry.

She said the chickens are not controlled and roam wild, which is causing problems.

“There's one right there. That's a shaver. It's the brown looking one they come from the New England area. There's another two like that one and then there is the white Leghorn,” Blake said.

Blake claims the chickens are making noise in front of her house in the morning and causing a lot of problems.

“They are coming out and they are digging holes and they are leaving their mess behind when they leave. I've slipped on it a couple of times. I stepped on it yesterday it was in the grass, so I couldn't see it and then the other is on the sidewalks and in my driveway,” Blake said.

Jason Tolbert lives in the neighborhood as well but doesn't have a problem with the chickens running around.

“We like them. There aren't very many of them. They keep pests away. I think the real problem would be ticks and rodents and spiders. I think they are pleasant to look at and I don't think they are doing any harm,” Tolbert said.

Although, they may not be a problem to everyone, Blake wants them under control or removed from the neighborhood.

“I'm not a trouble maker, I would just like my yard back. I thought about putting a fence up but because of the boundary lines it would be kind of hard to do with the bushes around,” Blake said.

Blake lives in Walker County, but near the Catoosa County line.

We reached out to both Catoosa and Walker counties.

Catoosa County officials told us Blake lives too far away and there is not anything they can do.

A Walker County officials said that animal control will be notified.

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