It was overnight Saturday into Sunday while everyone on Dagney Lane in Hixson was likely asleep when this week's suspects were first seen, on camera.

Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller says they were canvassing the neighborhood. "They were going door-to-door, car to car," he said, "looking to see what they could find." 

suspect pic 1.PNG

At our victim's house, it was a car door left unlocked. "So, he comes gets in the vehicle, starts looking through, gets a bag, then dogs start barking," Miller explained. "So, both of the suspects immediately start running once they hear the dogs barking." 

A night-vision camera gives a clear view of the crime, in progress. "As you look at the suspect," added Miller, "you'll see, the first time they come, he has a mask on." 

Indeed, the two returned to the driveway a mere four minutes later. "This time, they have a getaway car that's in the background. We can't exactly see the getaway car, but this time you will get a good look at these two suspects," said Sgt. Miller. 

Jumping into the back appears to be a younger suspect in mustard colored shorts. "The main suspect that gets into the front of the vehicle appears to be a black male, probably late teens to early 20's," Miller said. "The first time, he tries to conceal himself. But, I guess, the dog scared him away. He forgot to put the mask back up when it came the second time." 

suspect pic 2.PNG

On the second visit, they found a handgun. This underscores the importance of finding them before they use or sell that firearm. We have up to $1,000 reward cash for your good tip. "We never ask for the name. We never ask for an email address or anything like that. There's no identification that's ever asked for," said Miller. "Even if he's a friend or family member or neighbor, whoever, he will never know that you called."

If you feel more comfortable typing and sending a message over making a call, Chattanooga Crime Stoppers now has a website. It, too, allows you to remain completely anonymous. 

Otherwise, call: 423-698-3333

That line is manned 24/7 and, again, we will never ask you for your name.