You use your iPhone all day, every day, and you might think you've gotten the hang of it. But Apple keeps adding new features with regular updates, and the latest one, iOS 17.4, might just change the way you use your phone.

While some updates focus mainly on security fixes, iOS 17.4 is packed with new features you'll actually use.

New Emojis

Apple added a bunch of new emojis to the mix, including:

●Shaking your head "no" and "yes"

● A broken chain

● A phoenix

● A brown mushroom

● A green lime

● People walking in different directions (and yes, Samsung users got them too!)

New Podcast Feature

If you're a podcast listener, you'll love this: you can now get a full transcript of any episode with a single tap in the Apple Podcasts app. No more switching between apps to find what you're looking for! This allows you to read along as you listen and you can skip ahead when you see something interesting.

Pay anywhere with Apple Cash:

Ever wish you could use Apple Pay at a store that doesn't accept it? Now you can! iOS 17.4 lets you create a virtual debit card using your Apple Cash account. Just copy and paste the card number at checkout, or use it at the register. Plus, you can change the security code if you think your virtual card is compromised