A local non-profit is helping those getting out of prison and jail find a successful path forward.

Now, thanks to a new partnership, more people are getting help after spending time behind bars.

"Back in 2013, I was declared one of the worst criminals in Chattanooga, when they had the 32 roundup of the 32 worst of the worst,” said Joe Jenkins, the founder and CEO of The BRAVE Effect. "And now you're looking at the best of the best."

Joe Jenkins was once considered one of the worst criminals in Chattanooga.

His crimes centered around dealing drugs landed him in federal prison for 13 years.

Jenkins said it was during that time that he realized he was more than the label.

"A lot of people for some reason think they get out or get to a certain point and then start working on their goals,” Jenkins said. "No, you have to start in your darkest moments, wherever that's at."

That's where his vision for The BRAVE Effect was born.

The non-profit offers a strategic approach for reentry to society after incarceration, which focuses on shifting mindsets from survival to prosperity.

Participants receive tailored assistance during and after incarceration, ensuring continued support for personal growth and successful reintegration into society.

"The more people that I can help through mindset and lifestyle development, the more of those people that I can help get in position,” Jenkins said. “That's the less people we have living in survival mode."

Now, Jenkins is able to reach more people, thanks to a new partnership with CoreCivic.

It allows him to help those incarcerated in prisons run by CoreCivic set themselves up for success.

The BRAVE Effect is always looking for partnerships and volunteers.

You can learn more about the non-profit and how you can volunteer online.